Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jersey Girl Dreams

Well I am a Jersey Girl, please don't be misunderstood by the cast of the Jersey Shore, these people are a terrible misrepresentation of our state, considering only one comes from here.  There a million things going wrong with NJ right now, the Governor being the largest of them all, but it is a great place to live. 

We have great views of the city and are only 1-2 hours away from the Beach.....
From where I live there is something to do in every direction you look, but I have admit reading Nicholas Spark's books makes me want to take a ride down the East Coast for some other views.  His books are always so vivid, describing some aspect of North Carolina. Hmm..maybe I'll just have to invest in some summer homes in various locations :0) 

I hope one day to visit Europe, to see Italy where my roots began and then over to France. I'm completely intoxicated with the views of these cities from pictures and the romantic, whimsical essence to breathes. has beautiful pieces on her site and that should be viewed if you are interested in images of Paris.!

Live well, Laugh often,

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chezjolly said...

Gorgeous view!
-Jessica & Holly