Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing my first book

Here is a little bit of background. In December it will be ten years since I lost my father to a massive heart attack, and to commemorate a great man, and shed light to the situation my family and I were put in, I am writing my first book. I plan on having the book finished by his anniversary and afterward will go through the complete editing process (if I don't get it done before hand) and attempting to have it published.

If anyone has lost someone the love and have repressed feelings and are still grieving, I suggest writing it down. Writing gives you an escape, through words and characters. My characters are based off people I know or have met, some characters are a combination of a few different people. The meaning in my book is, so deep only family members will be able to tell what I've done in terms of referring to different places and people.

Writing in Barnes & Noble yesterday, I wrote part of a chapter involving my sister, and writing about her as a seven year old kid, while having her sitting as a seventeen year old in front of me was mind boggling and there was nothing I could do about the tears that followed.

Hopefully, one day, everyone will have the chance to read my story and know how much myself and my family loved my father, and how much he loved us in return.

Best Wishes for a wonderful day to everyone, thank you.

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