Thursday, September 1, 2011

Living Vicariously

So as of lately I have living vicariously through @American Expat In London the creator being Kristina. What an amazing blog!!! She just makes me want to pick up and go over to London! I have been looking and I certainly wouldn't mind obtaining my Master's Degree there =).  I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of this I would greatly appreciate it 

The idea of going to another country and not knowing a single person is terrifying, but I just keep looking for information just in case!

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~kristina said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for stopping by my blog (and for the link love!). Glad you like it-I'm always flattered to find that anyone other than myself likes my blog! :)
You ask a question about tuition financing that I don't have any experience in-other than to know that the UK is *completely* different to the US-or at least was until the most recent changes that will show most universities begin to charge for tuition & fees in 2012.
As a result, I'm sure there are a ton of companies being set up to take advantage of people in this position, and first & foremost, that would be my first piece of advice. The one website you may wish to check out (not an endorsement per se, but as it's Government-run, you at least assume it's on the up & up...) is:

It's supported by Direct Gov which is like the public service arm of the UK Government.

Other than that, I'd suggest checking with US educational loan institutions-I wouldn't be surprised if their rates were actually lower than the UK (most loan rates right now are lower in the US for more 'traditional' things like mortgages).

Hope this helps.